Wealthy Democrats Commit $2M to Support a New Candidate – Is it Time for Biden to Step Down?

In light of growing concerns about President Joe Biden’s potential re-election bid, wealthy Democratic donors have pledged significant financial backing for additional debates among presidential hopefuls should Biden choose not to run. The move indicates a lack of confidence within the party in Vice President Kamala Harris or any other potential candidate to take up the mantle if Biden steps down.

Additional Funding for Democratic Debates

According to The Washington Post, these affluent Democratic donors, led by former Intuit and PayPal CEO Bill Harris, are ready to contribute a substantial amount of money towards organizing more debates among the candidates. This is in anticipation that Biden might decide not to seek a second term. Their action suggests an increasing unease within the party over Biden’s performance and his chances of securing victory in the next election.

Implications for Vice President Kamala Harris

The group’s proactive measure appears designed to prevent a situation where Kamala Harris becomes the automatic choice if Biden decides not to run. Their plan signals that Democrats are not wholly confident in Harris or any other potential candidate leading their party. If they were, there would be no necessity to fund new debates and create an “open primary” for choosing a replacement.

The Discontent Among Regular Voters

Harris has tried to minimize this situation by claiming that the Democratic establishment is “slow and reluctant to face reality.” However, regular voters have been expressing their concerns about Biden’s age and performance for quite some time now, and it appears wealthy donors are now taking action.

Private Polls and Donations: A Contradiction?

These same donors have financed private polls to investigate voter concerns about Biden’s age, acknowledging the potential risks of having a 78-year-old president with possible cognitive issues. Despite these concerns, they still supported him in 2020 with a significant donation ($620,000) to his campaign. This leaves an open question as to why they seem unsure now.

The Driving Force: Lack of Confidence in Biden

The underlying reason for this move seems to be their dwindling confidence in Biden’s ability to win in 2024. His lackluster debate performance against Donald Trump only emphasized his weaknesses, raising doubts about his chances of winning another term. The pledge of $2 million to fund additional debates if he steps down is a further indication of these concerns.

Biden’s Future

Despite President Biden’s recent declaration at a rally that he intends to run again and believes he will win, there remain persistent doubts within his party about his chances. Some Democrats have already called for him to step down, and more are expected to do so as the 2024 election approaches. The fact that wealthy Democratic donors are pledging millions for new debates if Biden steps down underscores this lack of confidence in his leadership.

As calls for him to step down increase and doubts about his chances continue to grow, it seems that Biden’s tenure in the White House may be nearing its end.

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