Rob Reiner Expresses Disappointment with Biden, Calls for Resignation

Notorious Hollywood liberal and avid supporter of Joe Biden, Rob Reiner, has sent shockwaves through his followers with his recent criticism of the President’s debate performance. The director, known for his unapologetic leftist views, did not hold back on social media platform X. Reiner’s remarks have caused a stir among his usually supportive leftist followers and further reveal the growing dissatisfaction within the Democratic party towards their chosen leader.

Disappointment in Biden’s Debate Performance

“Last night’s debate was a disaster for President Biden,” Reiner wrote. “But the choice is still crystal clear: We either can choose a good decent man who cares about his fellow citizens and knows how to govern, or a Convicted Felon who will destroy our Democracy. Not a tough choice.”

Call for Biden to Step Down

In an unexpected turn of events, Reiner called for Biden to resign from office. He stated: “It’s time to stop f**king around. If the Convicted Felon wins, we lose our Democracy. Joe Biden has effectively served US with honor, decency, and dignity. It’s time for Joe Biden to step down.”

The Reaction from Followers

Reiner’s comments drew mixed reactions among his followers – some were shocked and disappointed while others expressed concern over potential alternatives to Biden. One user responded: “Congratulations. After 8 years you’ve been unfollowed.” Another accused him of undermining Democratic voters.

This incident underscores the cracks within the Democratic party and their growing dissatisfaction with their leader.

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  • Reiner is part of the reason that the pos resides in our WH. He and the other idiots that voted for Biden are as much to blame for the state our country is in at this time as Biden and his administration are. Rob crawl back into your hole and keep your big pie hole shut. The intelligent and the educated do NOT need to hear from you!

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