Latest Survey Reveals Challenging Insights for Democrats Seeking to Succeed Biden

A recent Ipsos/Reuters poll suggests that Democrats may face challenges in defeating former President Donald Trump, even if they decide to replace President Biden. It appears the Democratic Party would have limited options for replacement candidates due to campaign finance laws and recent polling shows many top potential replacements would fare poorly against Trump.

Democratic Lawmakers Call for Biden’s Resignation

After a less than successful debate last Thursday, there has been an increase in calls from Democratic lawmakers for President Biden to resign. Despite this growing concern, Biden remains firm in his decision to stay in the race.

Potential Replacement Candidates

If a move was made to oust Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris seems the likely successor due to campaign finance laws restricting the transfer of campaign donations. Harris is also expected to receive support from the president if he were replaced by the Democratic Party. Other potential successors such as Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and California Governor Gavin Newsom have publicly supported Biden recently and are among the top choices for replacement.

Public Opinion on Presidential Race

Recent polls indicate an increasing number of Americans think it may be time for Biden to step down, with 32 percent of Democrats agreeing according to a Reuters/Ipsos survey. However, results show that replacing him could be challenging as Trump is currently tied with or leading potential replacements such as Harris and Newsom in hypothetical matchups.

Poll Results: Potential Replacements vs Trump

The poll results show Trump beating Harris by one point (43% vs 42%) and Newsom falling short by three points (42% vs 39%). The numbers are even less favorable for Whitmer who trails behind Trump by four percentage points. Other candidates like Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear and Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker also lag behind Trump according to these polls.

The Exception: Michelle Obama

Interestingly, the Ipsos/Reuters poll found one potential candidate who could secure a Democratic win against Trump: Michelle Obama. However, she has consistently expressed her lack of interest in pursuing the presidency.

In conclusion, although there are growing calls for President Biden to step down, replacing him may not guarantee a Democratic victory against former President Trump. With limited potential candidates due to campaign finance laws and poor performance in polls against Trump, the Democratic Party faces some challenging decisions ahead.

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