Ukrainian President Zelenskyy to Appear in Exclusive Interview with Tucker Carlson

In a move that signifies his readiness to openly discuss the issues affecting his country and seek international support, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has agreed to an interview with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson. The announcement was made by Carlson on September 8, marking a significant shift from Zelenskyy’s previous avoidance of the controversial host.

The Announcement

Carlson announced the upcoming interview through a post on X, hinting that this discussion would serve as a counterbalance to his previous dialogue with Russian President Vladimir Putin. He revealed that plans for this interview had been in progress for two years and promised to focus on informing Americans about Ukraine’s ongoing conflict and its implications on the country’s global standing.

Zelenskyy’s Past Criticisms

Zelenskyy has been critical of Carlson during his tenure as a Fox News host, often facing criticism from him. In one instance, Carlson sarcastically remarked that Zelenskyy was too virtuous to be associated with terrorist activities. Reacting strongly, Zelenskyy likened Carlson’s earlier interaction with Putin as “bulls***” and expressed frustration over spending time listening to “more than two hours of bulls***” about his country and its relationship with the U.S.

Controversial Remarks

Carlson is no stranger to controversy when it comes to Ukraine. During a recent visit to Australia, he suggested that Ukraine cannot triumph in its ongoing war with Russia due to demographic disadvantages and destruction. He further accused Western powers, including the U.S., of controlling Ukraine and contributing to what he described as one of “the great crimes” of his lifetime.

Ukraine’s Expectations

In response to Carlson’s allegations, Zelenskyy voiced his country’s concerns about the potential lack of U.S. support after the upcoming election and its implications on Ukraine’s ability to face challenges independently. He also expressed discontent with the U.S.’s meddling in Ukrainian affairs and the possible repercussions of relying on foreign corporations for development.

The Anticipated Interview

This eagerly-awaited dialogue between Carlson and Zelenskyy is seen as an opportunity for the Ukrainian president to address his nation’s ongoing struggles. It offers a chance for Americans to gain insight into Ukraine’s situation and how it impacts the world. Given the history between both parties, this interview promises to be highly engaging.

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