Newsom Participates in Confidential Democrat Meeting to Support Biden

California Governor Gavin Newsom is set to journey to Washington, D.C. in a bid to support President Joe Biden who is currently facing intense criticism. The governor’s visit comes amidst whispers of his own presidential ambitions, but for now, he remains a staunch supporter of Biden and the Democratic party.

Governor Newsom’s Trip to the Capital

Newsom is expected to join other Democratic governors in rallying behind President Biden following his less than stellar performance in the previous week’s presidential debate. Reports from Sacramento news station KCRA-TV indicate that Newsom will make an appearance in Washington to back up Biden as demands for the president’s resignation intensify. This development follows a conference call among state governors held on Monday, discussing the possible trajectory for the Democratic party due to concerns over Biden’s debate performance.

Newsom’s Support for Biden

As a strong supporter of Biden, Newsom was quick to defend him after the debate. According to Politico, there appears to be mounting fear amongst Democrats in Washington as White House aides attempt to quell concerns about the president’s cognitive abilities post-debate.

Fundraising Efforts and Speculation

In spite of rumors about Newsom replacing Biden on the Democratic ticket, he has consistently stated that he will not be running for president this year. He has instead been actively raising funds for the Biden campaign, contributing towards hundreds of thousands of dollars raised immediately after the debate aired.

Potential Presidential Ambitions?

Despite constant denials regarding any interest in running for president, some interpret Newsom’s actions differently. The California governor has built an impressive fundraising infrastructure and has traveled across America presenting himself as a national party spokesperson. His loyalty towards Biden is clear; he has been a top spokesperson and defender for the president. The Sacramento Bee reported that Newsom had plans to travel to Pennsylvania on Saturday and New Hampshire on Monday in order to campaign for Biden.

Previous Speculation

This isn’t the first instance of speculation regarding Newsom’s aspirations for a higher office. In 2019, his visit to the White House while Biden was touring the Middle East raised eyebrows. Some news outlets humorously suggested that Newsom was “White House Hunting” and “measuring the drapes in the White House.”

Newsom’s Visit as a Show of Support

Newsom’s upcoming visit to Washington, D.C. is perceived as an endorsement for Biden and proof of his loyalty towards the Democratic party. However, with persistent rumors about his potential presidential ambitions, there are questions as to whether this trip might also serve as an opportunity for Newsom to establish himself on a national level. It remains to be seen if Newsom will be able to resist any future urges to run for president.

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