Harris Demonstrates Uncertainty About Inflation Mechanics

Vice President Kamala Harris’s tenure has been marred by a series of missteps and failures, revealing a disturbing lack of understanding about basic economic principles. Her unpopularity and ineffectiveness highlight her shortcomings as a leader, raising questions about her qualifications for the role.

Perceived Ignorance on Inflation

Recently, Harris displayed what many perceived as ignorance about inflation and its effects on everyday Americans while discussing the Inflation Reduction Act. She talked about “dropping trillions of dollars” to build up roads, bridges, sidewalks, invest in clean energy economy, and address climate crisis in terms of adaptation and resilience. This disconnect from the reality of average Americans struggling with rising costs in their daily lives has been seen as an indication of her being out of touch.

Debates Over Qualifications

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” highlighted Harris’s potential inadequacies by stating that she was chosen more for ticking diversity boxes than for her qualifications or merit. This assertion suggests that her rise to vice presidency wasn’t based on merit but rather political calculations regarding race and gender. The weighty responsibilities tied to her office make this prospect concerning.

The Failed Presidential Campaign

Harris’s 2020 presidential campaign can be considered a failure, given she was the first candidate to withdraw from the race. Her inability to gain traction among Democratic voters spoke volumes about her competence and appeal even within her own party.

Facing Unpopularity

Harris is one of the most unpopular politicians in contemporary American history as evidenced by consistently low approval ratings indicating widespread distrust in her abilities. A recent incident where she struggled to explain how inflation works further amplified concerns over her preparedness for office.

Criticized as Ineffective

Many critics describe Harris as lazy and ineffective, pointing to her lack of significant accomplishments as vice president. They argue that she has been more focused on promoting policies with little impact rather than addressing critical issues facing the nation. The Inflation Reduction Act, which she often cites as a major achievement, is criticized for not addressing the root causes of inflation but exacerbating them by pumping trillions into projects.


Kamala Harris’s stint as vice president has thus far been riddled with controversies and perceived failures. Her apparent lack of understanding about basic economic principles, coupled with her widespread unpopularity and perceived ineffectiveness, make her a contentious figure in American politics. As Americans grapple with pressing issues, they require leaders who are competent, qualified, and connected to reality – qualities that critics argue Kamala Harris lacks.

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