CNN Suggests Biden Should Participate in Cognitive Assessment

In the aftermath of Joe Biden’s presidential debate, there have been increasing discussions regarding his overall fitness to continue in office. The growing concerns were fueled by moments during the debate where Biden appeared to struggle with response times and coherence, leading to calls for him to either step down or undergo thorough health evaluations.

Observations from Medical Experts

Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s chief medical correspondent, highlighted concerning behaviors exhibited by the president. These include slow response time, difficulty in retrieving words, rambling and sometimes confused speech, reduced voice volume and reduced facial movements. He explained that these issues could be interrelated and could potentially signify a movement disorder affecting cognition.

White House Response

The White House responded by suggesting that the president’s performance issues during the debate were due to temporary factors such as jet lag and a cold. However, Dr. Gupta countered this explanation by emphasizing the need for a comprehensive assessment to determine if these issues were episodic or indicative of a deeper, more persistent condition.

Comparisons with Past Presidents

Dr. Gupta also drew comparisons between Biden’s health transparency and past practices. He pointed out that former President Donald Trump underwent the Montreal Cognitive Assessment twice, details of which were made public. It was unclear whether President Biden had undergone similar assessments.

Internal Discontent within the Administration

Members of the Biden administration have reportedly voiced their discontent anonymously to the press comparing their workplace environment with that depicted in “Weekend at Bernie’s”, a comedy about pretending to keep their dead uncle alive through a getaway weekend.

Campaign Concerns

Staffers offered assessments about their boss’ chances in November and where they think his top advisors went wrong while speaking with Axios. A high-ranking official at the Democratic National Committee added that concerns would only be allayed if President demonstrated he was capable of running the campaign effectively.

Impact on Presidential Race

Following Biden’s problematic debate, Trump has gained a significant lead in the presidential race as per a recent poll by The New York Times and Siena College. According to the poll, every demographic, geographic, and ideological group including Black voters see the 81-year-old president as too old to perform his duties effectively. This sentiment is most pronounced among independent voters and aligns closely with Republican perspectives.

Concerns Among Democrats

Among Democrats, concerns about Biden’s age have surged since the debate, now affecting 59 percent of Democratic voters. It is noteworthy that these concerns mirror those expressed by independent voters and Republicans.

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