Biden’s Team Acknowledges His ‘Sundowning’ Condition

Concerns over President Biden’s mental fitness are mounting within his own administration, as revealed by an Axios report. These apprehensions have been fuelled by troubling accounts of the President’s forgetfulness and increasing doubts about his ability to execute his duties effectively.

Inside the White House: Growing Worries

Several White House aides are expressing concern over the President’s cognitive abilities. According to Axios, these concerns stem from incidents showcasing Biden’s absent-mindedness. The aides often disregard these instances as minor lapses because they usually find him engaged. However, it raises critical questions about the future of American leadership under a president who seems increasingly forgetful.

Implications of Recent Debate

The fallout from a recent debate has amplified these concerns among some staff members. They question whether Biden can continue to perform efficiently in his role despite his frequent freeze-ups, slurred words, and wide-eyed expressions during the debate which have cast doubt on his campaign.

Persistence of Optimism Amid Concerns

Despite growing concerns, there remains a faction within the administration that is optimistic about rectifying the situation. Some campaign aides perceive the debate as an unfortunate incident that will soon be forgotten. Yet others appear deeply affected by what transpired.

The Future of Biden’s Presidency

Beyond political considerations regarding Biden’s potential to defeat Trump again, new worries have emerged about whether he can fulfill his presidential duties through another term. This sentiment was expressed by current and former Biden Administration aides in their conversation with Axios.

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