Gretchen Whitmer’s Claims About Trump Reviewed in Real-Time Fact Check

In a remarkable instance of truthful reporting, CNN’s John Berman corrected Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s claims about former President Donald Trump’s stance on abortion. Whitmer had alleged that Trump was advocating for a national ban on abortion, a narrative she has been pushing in her campaign efforts for Joe Biden. However, Berman pointed out that Trump has consistently stated his belief that the issue should be left to individual states.

Whitmer’s Accusations

Whitmer made the bold claim that Trump had appointed three Supreme Court justices who lied in Congress, asserting they stated Roe v. Wade was settled law and then betrayed their oath upon taking office. She also contended that the current state of affairs regarding abortion rights is entirely due to Trump’s actions. Whitmer further urged voters to support Biden in order to safeguard these so-called fundamental rights.

Berman’s Rebuttal and Importance of Factual Reporting

Contrary to Whitmer’s assertion, Berman noted that Trump clearly expressed his desire to leave the decision regarding abortion up to each state. This correction on-air served as a stark reminder of the necessity of accurate reporting, particularly on highly contentious and emotionally charged issues such as this.

Trump’s Consistent Stance

Trump’s viewpoint has remained unchanged: he believes each state should decide its own laws on abortion. In a video statement released in April 2024, he emphasized this by saying decisions could be made by vote or legislation or perhaps both, with whatever is decided becoming law within those states. He labeled Democrats as “radical” on this issue, noting the diversity of opinions and policies likely to arise from state-level decision-making.

The GOP and Abortion

Abortion has long been a divisive issue within the GOP, motivating pro-life activists and leading to the historic 2022 overturning of Roe v. Wade. Trump has consistently criticized fellow Republicans who have misrepresented the issue, potentially jeopardizing GOP victories in conservative strongholds such as Kansas and Ohio.

Whitmer’s Misleading Claims

Whitmer’s continued propagation of falsehoods about Trump’s position on abortion is not only misleading but also seems to be a calculated attempt to sway public opinion. Her allegations appear to be part of a larger strategy to demonize Trump and rally support for Biden. However, it is important to remember that Trump has always advocated for state-level decision-making on this matter.

The 2024 Election and Partisan Rhetoric

As we approach the 2024 election, it is likely that we will see more of these politically motivated distortions. Thankfully, moments of clarity from journalists like Berman serve as reminders that truth can still cut through the fog of partisan rhetoric. While the debate over abortion is far from concluded, one thing remains clear: misinformation must be confronted, regardless of its source.

Source: The Right Briefing

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