Breaking News: Pennsylvania State Capitol Evacuated Due to Bomb Threat Allegedly Linked to Palestine

The Pennsylvania State Capitol complex was abruptly cleared out on Saturday, following a bomb threat that targeted more than 250 people, including the entirety of the Pennsylvania House and Senate. An email with menacing content triggered an immediate evacuation and intensive security sweep of the premises.

Threatening Email Causes Panic

Government officials, lawmakers and other staff in Pennsylvania received an alarming email labeled “my manifesto” just after 5:45 p.m. on Saturday. The ominous email asserted that “highly lethal” explosives had been planted in and around the Pennsylvania State Capitol and Pennsylvania Judicial Center “in the name of Palestine.”

The Demands

The anonymous sender threatened to detonate devices every hour unless President Biden publicly denounced support for Israel on national television. The email conveyed a chilling message, stating, “I plan on triggering one device every few hours until Joe Biden goes on national television and publicly denounces the illegitimate state of Israel,” along with the threatening claim of being armed with a knife inside one of the buildings.

Immediate Evacuation Ordered

Michelle Richwine, a special assistant at the Office of Chief Clerk for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, promptly alerted all Capitol employees to vacate immediately via an email warning. A few staffers who were outside when the evacuation order came around 6:15 p.m. confirmed that there were very few people inside.

President Biden’s Scheduled Visit

Despite these alarming events, President Biden is expected to visit a local business in Harrisburg on Sunday.

Investigation Underway

As per reports from one lawmaker, police continued their search for potential explosive devices at the complex until 9:45 p.m. on Saturday using K-9 units. The communications director for the Pennsylvania Department of General services issued an update during this ongoing investigation.

The statement disclosed that the Capitol Police had not found any explosives during their initial search of the perimeter. The Capitol Police, in collaboration with the FBI, Pennsylvania State Police, House and Senate security, and the Dauphin County Sheriff’s office were still actively conducting a comprehensive investigation to ensure the area’s safety.

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